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You've got to run your business, making sure it gets found is mine.

For brick and mortar businesses looking to reach a larger, more locally-targeted audience, ASG is a local Atlanta business that believes in building symbiotic small and medium business relationships and is a trusted resource for affordable and practical online local ranking and search engine marketing. Whether you have a website or not, I can help you establish a successful presence online using a number of advanced SEO and Google Places services.

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Our services vary from client to client. We provide custom and affordable services to ensure that our clients will receive exceptional results within 90 days. Often our clients hit page 1 within 30 days.


Matt's expertise in Search Engine Optimization simply cannot be denied.  My business ranks number 1 on all the major search engines for my chosen keywords.  In the 12 month period that I have worked with him, my business sales have tripled.  The genius, to me,  lies in his ability to single handedly accomplish what other companies require a much larger staff to do... Assuming they can do it at all. He has thus created an innovative  cost effective business model that allows sole proprietors and small businesses with high quality products and services to compete with much larger companies... solely on the basis of merit.

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